Pilates is a formal movement technique that emphasizes the vertical and horizontal structure of our bodies. I liken this vertical/horizontal awareness to a compass and plumb-line — perhaps a gyrocompass, that guides us to recalibrate the axes of our bodies in relation to gravity and to the earth. I find that Pilates and the GYROTONIC(R) method compliment each other, as Pilates emphasizes the axial awareness and precision, while GYROTONIC(R) method emphasizes spherical awareness and fluidity. In movement terms, the more precise the vertical and horizontal structure is, then the more spherically we can move through space. We all have structural imbalances and I have found Pilates extremely helpful in working with my own scleosis , as well as other peoples’ structural idiosyncrasies.

The Pilates method uses breath while engaging the intrinsic muscles along the spine, scapulae, and pelvic floor, in order to establish core stability. As the intrinsic muscles stabilize the musculoskeletal alignment, then the larger global muscular groups can remain in balance while in motion. The goal of this method is less stress on the joints, vertebrae, and organs and greater balance between strength and flexibility of the muscles in motion and at rest. The result is kinesthetic ease which promotes grace of movement and aesthetic beauty.