Geometry of Consciousness

I. Geometry of Consciousness, Anatomy, Movement

Body Geometry and Consciousness

The geometry of the body and of movement is tied to the geometry of consciousness. The specific structure of a particular movement technique informs and forms the somatic body, which is the integration of the kinesthetic, physiological, emotional, and psychic bodies. Informing the somatic body through specific movement patterns creates a lens through which ones’ consciousness focuses and experiences reality.

Further, beyond the study of codified systems of movement is the transformative process of movement exploration. The explorer of movement breaks open familiar patterns of being, thus freeing the energy of the explorer to move in new ways and embody new visions — to create. We, as co-creators, freely release our soul-force into the world, and thus enliven our planet and our reality.

Body Geometry and Functional Anatomy

Another essential aspect of movement is the functional aspect of our anatomy, which holds the blueprint for our health and well-being. Functional anatomy is the simple, practical, principle of maintaining, enhancing, and caring for our our physical selves. Often, our physical issues are over-layed with structural imbalances caused by chronic faulty movement patterns, inherited structural predispositions, and primary injuries, which lead to secondary injuries due to overcompensation.

The goal of integrating functional anatomy principles in any movement approach is to reeducate the neuromuscular patterns of the body, in order to create a movement foundation that is more efficient, pain-free, and structurally balanced. It is important to identify the specific structural issues, target those issues with a series of specific exercises designed to reeducate the neuromuscular-skeletal body, and then to integrate and reinforce this awareness into whole body movement patterns. The result of this process is that the individual becomes kinesthetically sensitized to a more refined way of moving in the world, redefining the sense of what feels “natural.”